Monday, October 4, 2010

Ladies Day

Ladies Day at Highland Heights church of Christ was back in the summer, but I was going through some old pictures and decided that I needed to blog about it.

Sadly I was not able to be there for the entire thing because I was coming back from out of town, but I was able to make it for the end and then to see the tables.  I wish I knew who did all of these tables because they deserve the praise.  They were all very creative and amazing.  I'm not sure where they got this idea from, but it was a great one!!

The whole theme was about the different stages in our lives.  I can't remember the speaker's name.  Terry Lea (her blog), maybe you can help with that one. 

Leigh Ann Slater led the singing

There were several ladies there.  It was one of the best turn-outs for a Ladies Day I think I have ever seen.

Lori Winningham, one of the ladies who got this all together

The speaker

The baby stage

The Toddler stage.  Oh Cabbage Patch Kids!!!

Sometimes I like to get artistic : )

Teenage, School days

Graduation, pretty self explanitory

Wedding!!  Of course this probably would have been my favorite one!!

I'm guessing this is like when you have a home.  Too bad there's no gnomes, Mindy.

The Elderly stage

The sign in table

Now enjoy the decorated tables...

My friend, Rachel Evans, made this wedding cake.  She needs to go into business huh?

Bling bling!

top view

The baby table!!  I love those diaper cakes.  I think Debra Evans did this one!

Remember those baby shoes?

 Birthday Table


I think this one was Mother's.  I loved that they used a quilt for the table cloth!

This was a tea party!

American Girl dolls!!

 This is a birthday table also.  They had those coke glasses full of candy and then the cupcake on top.  It was sooo cute!!!

up close!

School days table

The lady on the far right in the black and white stipes did this table.  She is miss creative!!!!
You should have seen her VBS room!!

A cool bycicle serving dish!!

They had soooo much food!!!

I think she was the youngest lady!

50th Anniversary

The baby table again

American Girl table again

All the ladies that helped pull off this amazing Ladies Day!

A little closer

It was a beautiful day outside so I snapped some shots of our church building

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Juliane McCorkle said...

This blew my mind! So much details going into that one day! That's incredible!!