Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cards, Cards, and More Cards!!!

This blogging stuff just continues to amaze me.  I love how it's its own little world and everyone has their own little family and once we hear something that's good we tell them and news just spreads!  I first heard about the Shutterfly Card Giveaway from my friend Natasha's blog and then I posted it on my own blog and then today I noticed that another one of my friends, Becky, has it posted on her blog.  I can only imagine how many people have posted this amazing offer!!

Anyway, I'm here to tell you that you don't need to let this offer pass you by!  I checked out the websites and found a lot of cards that I would love to have.  I'm not exactly sure how it is going to work with me living outside the US, but hopefully I can still send a few Holiday Cards.

If you just want to be brave and browse the entire collection of shuttfly cards click here.  Just a warning...there are about 748 of just Christmas Cards!!

Here are few I enjoyed:

I love to laugh and I love to see people laugh!!  You may think this would only be cute with a kids picture on it, but I beg to differ because I love to giggle and grin!  I think if I ever got this card it would just make me happy!!

I like this one because it is simple. 

I just love this one because it's a little different and fun!  At first I didn't really like the bird, but once I realized that he was singing the fa la la I really like him now!!

I really like the Holiday Story Cards selection because Gary and I will spending the holidays away from our family and friends in the states.  These give you the opportunity to update people on what's been going on in your life:

This one is simple and they give you lots of room to write!!

This one could also be sent as a New Year's card.  I really like the colors on this one.

I think this one and the next one might be my two favorites.  You get to pick out your favorite memories from the year.  Thank goodness for blogging, which can help you remember : ).

I love the colors on this one!!

I think this one is super creative!  I love that they have the faces in the ornaments.  The one reason I don't like this one is because I want to display more of a picture than just faces and these spots might not be very good at that, but maybe one day when we become a family of four we can use this card!!

For those of you who are hard core and like to send cards and pics of the family for every holiday, if you hurry I bet you could get some of these cool Thanksgiving cards before the big day comes.  Too bad Malaysians don't celebrate the Pilgrams and Indians!!

So, if everything works out the way I want hopefully some of you will have some cool pics of me and Gary in your mailbox for the Holidays!!  Enjoy looking at the Shutterfly Cards, but just remember it can get addicting!!

Happy Browsing,

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Juliane McCorkle said...

Oh I love this! They are so cute!