Monday, October 4, 2010

Petronas Towers

See I told you had been here.  The rest of the group went on an island vacation and I decided to stay back because I was invited to Victor and Pearly's house for dinner that Friday night and we had church on Sunday.  Peter, a co-worker from the Dublin office, also decided to stay back.  So, on Saturday night the two of us decided to vinture out and go to KLCC.  Since I was such a champ at the train from the night before we decided to take it instead of getting a taxi.  It was nice to the one who actually knew what I was doing because being one of the last ones here from the Nashville office made me feel like I didn't know anything. 

The towers are huge and it took us a couple of shots to finally find the perfect spot to take our picture with the towers.

We had heard that you had to get there early in order to up in the towers, but little did we know that it wouldn't have even been an option anyway

Some people were getting to go into the gate.  I got this guy coming out, but I'm guessing maybe they worked there?

This is just the "front porch"

They are SOOOO tall!!

1st attempt on getting my picture with towers.  It really just looks like I am taking my picture with that taxi. HA!

Peter kept getting stopped by men to get their picture with him.  It was hilarious!!

There's me!

There were so many people there.  And these guys in the foreground were just simply getting their picture made in the middle of this fountain.  I don't even think the people taking the picture were trying to get the towers in the back.  Not really sure what that was all about.

Another guy that asked Peter to take his picture with him.  Peter told me to come get in the pic too and I just laughed and said they don't want me in it.

We went to this restaurant at the top of a hotel and there is a pool in the middle.  It was really cool!

Peter smokes and over here they are higly against it, obviously by the pics they put on the boxes.  This is picture of mouth cancer!!  BLAH!!
a little fuzzy up close shot

Once the sun set.  Our table was completely dark because the light above us was out.  But it's ok we got moved to the cool seating by the window later.

The Towers at night



I kept trying to get one without the glare of the light inside.

Not yet

too fuzzy

Here's a keeper, even though it's a little crooked!

Peter is getting married next year in Poland and I told him that if he would fly me there I would video his wedding for free!!  The videographer in me is always trying to find a wedding, no matter where I am : ).


Rachel said...

You ARE famous!!! First, you were famous in the U.S. and now in the...well, that place you decided to live for 6 months! I LOVE YOU! Bring me a chocolate covered cricket. :)

Juliane McCorkle said...

Cool! That's so funny they are against smoking! That's great actually, because here...well, it's a way of life. Inside, outside, it doesn't matter. Ha! Good post!