Friday, October 1, 2010

The man of leisure...for now!

Gary arrived in KL on Sept 25 (read about it here) and has been a little lost not going to the office every morning.  We enjoy breakfast together most mornings here at the spread in the Gardens Hotel.

Nice huh?  Ok I'll be honest it doesn't really look like this, but it is pretty amazing.  They have American type breakfast and local breakfast.  When I say local breakfast I mean things like stir fry, baked beans, tofu, etc.  Quite interesting and just for you readers I'll take some pictures for ya!!

Then it's off to work for me and back to the room for him.  The first couple of days he had jet lag so it was a good thing he had time to rest.  Now I think he is just starting to get bored.  Since we can't drive here, not from lack of desire, but for our safety and those around us, we rely on taxis, church members, and my co-workers to get us from point A to point B.  So, Gary just hangs out at the hotel and mega mall (because it is attached to the hotel). 

His day consists of waking up with the alarm clock blarring in his ear (there's no volume adjustment on the darn thing), flipping on the TV to watch some Donald Duck, going to breakfast with me, sending me off to work, watching his classes at Heritage Christian University (yes he is still taking classes and half of his luggage consisted of books), and reading outside on the balcony of our apartment.  These are some pictures he took from the balcony.

This is a cool shaped building.  I'm guessing it's           
just an office building.  Gary said he wants to           
slide down the side.  Good luck with that!                    The 1 Malaysia building.  The sign lights up at night

I'm guessing this is the sun setting and fog.  I guess I should have gotten him to write the captures for these pictures!

This is one of the temples.  At prayer time you can hear on loud speakers throughout the city the prayers being said. 

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