Monday, October 4, 2010

My first house visit

A couple of weeks after I got to KL a couple at church invited me to have dinner at their house.  Pearly figured that since I had come to Malaysia on my own that I was independent enough to ride the train instead of get a taxi because the train is a lot cheaper.  She gave me directions on what to do.  It was actually pretty pleasent except for the KTM, which is the train that goes from the Mega Mall to KL Sentral.

This girl was leaning against me in the KTM and could not even stand up that's how packed we were in there.  We became friends and she helped me figure out the rest of the way.  I didn't catch her name, but I got a picture with her : ).  Thank you!!!

There was cool graffiti on the walls!!

it's just like one big mural.
The delicious Chinese dinner!!!!
This is the new and improved Monopoly game...
Instead of the having monopoly money you have a credit card maching.  That's Hua Feng posing for me!!

We all decided that the old one is better because it was really fun to have all that cash!!  Gary said this version teaches kids to go into debt using credit cards.  HA!!!

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Juliane McCorkle said...

Haha! That's so cool! I'm glad to hear about your experiences because they are somewhat the same as mine and different (all at the same time) haha! Good post!