Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cell Group

I can't remember the reason they call this the cell group, but it's something about a nuclues and how it grows and forms or something like that.  Either way, cell group is for non-Christians/newer Christians.  The care group that we had the night before was for the more mature Christians. 

When we arrived there were not very many people there, but as the time passed more and more people started arriving.  There were only 2 new students there, but we hope to have more next week. 

We shared a lot last night.  First of all, every Sunday the youth group "checks in" with each other.  They tell the 3b's...Blessings, Burdens, Breakthroughs that they have had that week.  Well, last night we just narrowed it down to 2b, Blessings and Burdens.  We then changed from burden to complaint, to make it easier to understand.  We each told our name, what we do, and our blessing and burden for the week.  My blessing was of course my PROMOTION and my burden was my India Visa.  Gary and I are supposed to be leaving for India next Friday and I still haven't recieved confirmation on my visa...SCARY!!!  I even just checked again while typing this : ). 

Then Chee Hoe had a couple of other questions that he asked to open up the discussion.  The first one was "Why are you here?" and the second was "Do you have a group of friends who meet on a weekly basis and if you don't do you want one?"  I think these were good questions to start off with for the new guys.  They were able to hear why we all came and how we will continue to be interested in coming so hopefully they will do the same and bring friends along. 

Matthew and Chee Hoe, the leaders of the group

Gary and Nanan

view from front porch of church building

This was also the first bible study that took place in the new church building.  There have been some members who took off work this week to make sure that the building is ready for our meeting on Saturday.

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