Monday, October 4, 2010

Jon and Bridget

Gary's friend from high school, Jon, went into the military.  He found his wife while he was in the service, she was above him in rank, and they just finished their duty so they came back to the states.  This also was back in the summer, but I just forgot to blog about it.  Sorry to all of you readers are enjoying the Malaysia blogs, I'll continue those I just want to make sure I have all of my memories on here!

Jon's sister, Jon, and Bridget

Jon, JB (another friend from high school) and Gary

Jon, Bridget, me and Gary...and JB's head

Then he decided to stand up.

A funny story about Bridget.  The first time she came to Tennessee was the summer before and we all know a Tennesse summer = humidity.  Bridget is from the north somewhere (I can't remember where) and they don't have humidity.  We were all outside at JB's house and she ran inside to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and freaked out a little.  She comes back out and says what's this?  as she grabs the fizzy pieces of hair that have escaped her ponytail.  I just laughed and said that's called humidity.  If only my hair ever knew a place without humdity!!  Don't worry Malaysia is the same as TN!!

Here's another funny story.  I had been on vacation that whole week because I went to church camp and this was the Saturday before I was going back to work.  We were looking at pictures of the places they had traveled to while they were stationed in Korea (I think).  When I got back to work on Monday is when I heard they were sending people to KL, come to find out Jon and Bridget had been to the Petronas Towers in KL and I didn't even know it when I was looking at the pictures that within a couple months I would be living here!! 

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