Thursday, October 7, 2010

Care Group

Last night Gary and I had the opportunity to attend a care group in the home of Brother Gan and his wife Christi.  They do this for the college students who have been with them for a while and are ready to move on to more meaty Bible study. 
Our study was on Luke 14:26-35.  It just amazes me how things that I can read over and over again can bring out new meanings and applications when studied with a new group of people.  It was so inspiring and uplifting to be there.  We are looking forward to attending a cell group tonight. 

Brother Gan

Singing before the discussion

The whole group
Back Row (L to R): KC, Samuel, Kerson, Adrian, Gary
Middle Row (L to R): Hua Feng, Gan
Front Row (L to R): Me, Jesslyn, Christi, Esther

KC, on the top row, is from Singapore.  He just moved to Malaysia about a week or so after I did to work here as well.  He was an elder in the church at Singapore and is very wise man.  I have enjoyed getting to know him and learning from him.  

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nat said...

I'm really proud of you and Gary for getting so involved in the church there and making it an important part of your lives while away from the States. Not everyone would do that and you are to be commended!