Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A dinner to remember

After the workshop was over on Sunday it was about 5pm.  There were several couples who were going to go out to eat that night and wanted us to come along with them.  So, we were not going to get dropped off at our hotel, but go home with somebody.  We had the option to go to Victor and Pearly's or Steven and Eileen's.  Since we had already been to Victor and Pearly's house we decided to go to Steven and Eileen's.  There house was so homey!!  We went into the home theater and watched the new Karate Kid while we waited for everyone to come and meet us.  It was so relaxing!!  We weren't able to finish the movie before everyone else started showing up. 

We drove for a while and finally reached our destination.  They have several sea food places that are by the sea, which take a while to get there from the city.

The whole clan:
Starting on the left and going around clockwise.  Adrian, his wife Doreen, Eireen, Eileen, KC, me, Gary, Victor, Pearly, and Steven.

Steven is the food minister because he always knows where to go to get the good food.  After only being around me for a little while he already knows my taste buds and things that I would like to eat!!  It was a great meal with great company!!

Us in front of the aquariums!  If you want you can actually pick out which fish you want and they will take it right then and cook it for you!!

After we had eaten and gotten full, might I add, Steven still wanted to take us to get dessert.  I thought we already had dessert??  What was the fruit plate??  Anyway, we went to a place that was close to Steven's house so we had a good amount of time to digest all the food we had just eaten. 

Gary and I both got this.  I don't remember the name, but it's like a sweet soup with fruit in the bottom.

This is yam cake??  I think that's what they called it, but I wasn't a huge fan.  I don't know when I hear the word "cake" I think it should be something sweet. 

We had a good time and couldn't be happier with the friends that we have made!!


Gary Washer said...

The stuff you could not remember was Longan.

Juliane McCorkle said...

That's great! I love it!