Friday, October 8, 2010

Side of the road dining

After the Cell Group Steven Shee and his wife Eileen took us back to the hotel.  Well, when we are with Steven and Eileen they like to show us the good places to eat.  We had a little to eat at the cell group, but we were both still a little hungry. 

We were driving a long the road and out of nowhere a restaurant appears.  It was a pretty busy road that we were on and cars were just pulled over to park for this restaurant.  It was quite scary!  But the food was not scary at all, it was delicious!!!

I ordered apple juice and this is what it looked like.  It tasted just like a granny smith apple!!  I LOVED IT!!!!

The restaurant from the road.  I would have scooted back further, but I might have gotten run over.

From the side parking lot.

Gary, Steven, and Eileen

Jalapenos for appetizer?? 

My delicious food.  I don't remember what they call it, but it was good!  So, Terry Lea are you happy I took a picture???


Juliane McCorkle said...

Yum! That looks like a Malaysian Sonic! lol

Mark said...

that plate looks nasty, just sayin'