Thursday, October 14, 2010

Air Asia...BLAH!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, Gary's job was to buy the plane tickets to India.  Yes, yes, I know wait 'til the last minute, but we wanted to make sure I got my visa before we bought them.  Well, he was having problems with the bank and so on and so forth.  So, when I got home I decided I was going to try.  I went to Air Asia's website and found great tickets for a great price (really Gary had already found them).  The flight from here to Hyderabad is only a couple of hours!!  I made it through the entire process up to payment options.  Gary gave me the church credit card because that is where the India money is that he raised before he left.  Well, it didn't accept it.  So, we tried one of Gary's credit cards...declined.  Then we tried my debit card...declined.  What in the world!?!!???  After many hours of fighting with Air Asia and getting no results we decided that either way we have to book our off to jet airways.  The only flights that we could find have a layover in Chennai.  WHATEVER!!!!!  We'll take it!!!!  So, instead of reaching Hyderabad at 8 something in morning we won't be getting there until 4:30pm...THANKS AIR ASIA...or should I say NO THANKS!!!!!!!

Oh well, we are going to get there and we are both feeling a lot better today.  So, all is good in the life of the Washers!!!



nat said...

Glad you are feeling better. Next time if you can trying going to the airport and booking at the gate - you can do this days in advance also.

Juliane McCorkle said... frustrating! I hope you can figure out what the deal is for possible future flights...? :)