Friday, October 1, 2010


Last night we had a homecoming for all of the college students at church.  They have been on Holiday break since I got here and now they are returning to their classes.  We ate, played a couple of games, and had a devo.  It was wonderful fellowship with a wonderful Christian family!!

Not sure who made this sign, but it was sooo cute!!

Learning how to play the blanket game.  Rules:
1. There are two teams (we had the purple team (boo) and the red team (yay) according to the color of our nametag)
2. each team sits on either side of the blanket. 
3. You can play as many rounds as you choose, but the object of the game is to get everybody on your side of the blanket, by guessing their name.
4. You choose a representative from your team to sit in the front behind the blanket (the blanket is held up to block each team from seeing each other)
5. Once the blanket is dropped you have to be the first person to say the name of the person sitting in front on the opposite team.
It is a great get-to-know-ya game.  We had so much fun playing this and get-to-know-ya bingo. 
P.S. The red team won!!!!

Serious group!

Silly group!

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