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Friday Oct. 22 - L. Kodaru church of Christ & Mogallu church of Christ

The first church we visited that day was in a little village.  The preacher has built this church from nothing and they continue to grow.  The majority of the members are women with a Hindu background.  Several of them are still trying to convert their husbands.

This is the preacher. 

Gary did a short talk and then I did a short talk to the ladies about being submissive and living by example to their husbands. 

 There were 4 baptized that day:

I think this guy was the most inspiring.  He wasn't able to be there for the talks, but his wife went and got him and brought him back.  When he got into the water he tore off his hindu bracelets right after he confessed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Dharma had brought a Bible for each one of the new children of God and Gary and I were blessed to be able to give them to them.

The children loved to sing in this church.  There were several that got up in front of everyone and sang.  This little girl was one of them.

As we were walking down the road back to our car we could hear the church building echoing songs of praise to God.  All of the members had gathered back inside and continued to worship God.  Please pray for this small congregation to be an example to their village.  They have such amazing faith and I pray we will come in contact with them again in the future.

Then we went to the Mogallu church

This church has been around for a while.  Actually Dharma and his family used to attend this church.  Once again Gary spoke to everyone and then split with Jyosthna and me speaking to the ladies.  They had some young girls there that have the most beautiful smiles!!
The colors in India are so beautiful

One of the younger members is the one who wrote our Welcome sign on the board.  She had such gorgeous hand-writing. 
While we were inside Gary was praying for the men outside.  I think the guy standing up is not able to speak.
Then we went to one of the members house's just down the road.  Gary prayed for her home and family.
Sad goodbyes:
Prabhu Doss returned to his family on Friday.  We were all very sad to see him go, but were so thankful to God that we were able to meet him and spend time with him.  Our driver took this group shot for us: Teja, Sirisha, me, Prabhu Doss, Gary, Dharma, Jyosthna, Nimila.
Walking in the train station.
Next time we are going to try to ride the train.  We heard it's a great way to see India!
This is the control room to the train station.  The guy sitting is the controller and he is also John Bob's brother (our small car driver that works with leprous people).  We hung out in there with him for a while waiting on Prabhu Doss's train.
Giving Prabhu Doss snacks for the road.  They brought the popcorn in the room and they were a little surprised we knew what Popcorn was.  I love popcorn!!
How many phones do you need?  We laughed and laughed at this picture!!
These ladies attend the church in the town that we are in and know Prabhu Doss so they came to tell him goodbye.  He just kept telling us how sweet they were to come and see him.
Check out the billboard in the background.  Sirisha and Teja are imitating it!!  HA!
This is the preacher from Mogallu church of Christ.  He is really good friends with Dharma.  We are in his house looking at all of his pictures.
His daughter gave me this flower to put in my hair.
This is our sprite refreshing...
This is the outside of the house.  They live in a mud hut.  The other pictures above are the walls behind us.  I think he has 3 daughters and one son and either his parents or his wife's parents living with them.  He wants to be supported as a preacher and be able to provide for his family a better home.  However, he and his family are so happy and thank God for everything they have.  They are a sweet family!

This was a very busy day.  We also went on a ferry ride that. 
This is Gary waiting for fairy and being all vogue.
I have a hard time being vogue because my daddy taught me to show my teeth!

I don't remember why we were high fiving but we high five all the time so this is just a normal day in our lives!
Now the double high five that's a big occasion!!
I think we are on the ferry here.  Teja and Sirisha got us a little snack for the ride.
Aren't my flowers so beautiful!!  I didn't realize how pretty they looked until I saw a picture.
After the ferry ride we went to Dharma's friend's house who is a Homeopathic doctor.  He and his wife are Hindu, but that doesn't keep Dharma from being their friend.  The lady in the blue is his wife and she is soooo cute and sweet.  She gave me a tour of their house and it is beautiful!  We don't have a picture of the doctor but he was also very sweet.  Very soft spoken.  He gave Gary some medicine for his cold he had just gotten and the next day he was all better.  Who has ever gotten rid of a cold that fast.  Gary was amazed!  He wants to go into Homeopathics now! 
The Hindus are also celebrating in the streets.  Here they are playing drums and dancing.  They have something on their heads.  Sorry it's blurry they were all over the place.

We also went shopping.  Gary picked out 3 shirts and a pair of pants.

I got myself a night gown because I loved theirs and they looked so comfortable.  I have worn it I think every night since I got home back to Malaysia from India!!
Gary loves shopping!!
Then Dharma wanted to get us some candy and snacks for the road.  Whew did they spoil us!!
This is our last night to into our room in Narsapur!  I'm so glad we have this picture!! 
This is our room.  The walls are blue for Gary.
Us Americans love these kinds of pictures.  We were having a hard time getting everybody in but it was fun!!
Jyosthna and me!!
Teja and Gary
Dharma even had blue lights in the room.  Gary thought they were so cool and loved using them!
These are some giraffes Teja got while he was in Africa.  They put them in our room for decoration.  I was talking about how much I loved them and then Teja wanted us to take a picture with them.  Gary turned his into a gun!  Silly boy!

We went to bed a little sad that night because we were getting up early to make the trip back to Hyderabad to get on a plane. 

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