Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Broga Hill

Friday was Deepavali, which is a Hindu holiday and is noticed as a public holiday in Malaysia...but not at Service Source!!!  I was so upset because I wanted to go on the youth group/college age trip to Broga Hill sooooo bad!!!!  Oh well life goes on! 

However, Gary was able to go and be the speaker for the weekend.

They looked like they had so much fun!!

They were split up into 2 groups and had certain picture that they had to take.  This one was "Take a picture of your group having fun at the BBQ"

The bunks.  They had a girls room and a guys room.

Gary speaking about "Growing in faith together" the theme of the weekend.

Dexter, Gary, Chee Hoe, and Isaac

Dexter and Isaac

Gideon and Isaac

Another picture they had to take was "Make a word using your bodies."  This is a chinese symbol that means sky, I think.

dead snake


They had to take a picture "Wearing each others shoes"

different view

The whole group enjoying a meal

"Picture of your faces in the dark with flashlights."  Gary is the one on he bottom right.  This one makes me laugh!!

There he is!

"The whole group jumping"

Gary makes a good ninja back there!

"The whole group on top of the hill."  On Saturday morning they got up and went on a hike up a hill.  They got up around 4:30 so get to the top before the sun rose.

I like the sky in this one!

Chee Hoe got a little crazy with his straw

This is Jun Ai, Chee Hoe's girlfriend, and the organizer of the weekend.

Just hanging out.

They love making peace signs.

They were told to laugh, so this is what Gary does.  Goofy!

The leap of faith

Matthew getting ready for the leap of faith

"Silly picture"

Closer view

Sunrise on Broga Hill

Volley ball

The whole group on the hill

"As many Broga Hill employees"

Zip line

Looks like they had a great time!  Maybe I'll get to go next time!!

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nat said...

Looks like Gary had a good time! That Zip Line looks AWESOME!