Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little Mexican in Malaysia

At home, Gary and I are pretty regular Mexican eaters, especially when we are with Lee and Rachel : ).  I would say we eat Mexican, if not once a week, about every other week.  Since we have been in Malaysia we haven't had any...except for that one time when I made fajitas, but that was before Gary got here.

We were told there is a Mexican restaurant really close to our work.  While we were in India, the other Nashvillians checked it out.  They said it was legit.  So, this past Friday night we got a group together from work and hit up the local mexican restaurant.

It was quite interesting to see Malaysians running a mexican place, but hey if you got it you got it right?

They have several license plates from the states hanging on their wall.

Sweet Home Alabama!!  You can't really tell in this picture, but on the left side it says Hazel Green, AL!!

I was able to sign both of them.  Gary put a dot for Nashville (home of country music) and a dot for Murfreesboro and signed his name with an arrow pointing to Murfreesboro! 

So cute, but they looked like mug shots, so...

we had to do it!! 

The girls wanted to taste several different dishes so each of us got something different and just shared.  We had ordered appetizers and asked the server if we could keep our plates, but he was so goofy and brought us clean plates!  They were really cute kid plates!!

They were so entertaining at this restaurant!!  We will definitly be returning in the future near future!!

I think every other table in the restaurant had a birthday that night except ours...but there are 2 of us here who will celebrate our birthdays soon :).


Gary Washer said...

Everybody was singing at the restaurant. Also, remember the beans and rice that had only four beans. What the heck!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...we miss miss our Mexican dinner partners!! It will be our first dinner together when you get back :) You two are funny....LOVE the license plates!!

nat said...

Looks like fun! I love me some MExican food also!

Juliane McCorkle said...

Yum! You're makin me want some! I just might have to hop over to our little establishment here! :)

Terry said...

I'm glad you found a taste of home over there!!!! Miss you guys!