Friday, November 5, 2010

Saturday Oct. 23 - Leave our Inida Family

Saturday we woke up around 4am to start our journey to Hyderabad.  We wanted to give ourselves enough time to get there 2 hours before our flight at 7.  We had breakfast and then we hit the road.  I think Gary and I slept a lot of the way, but we also talked and remembered stories from the week.  When we got the airport nobody really said anything because we knew that it was going to be "goodbye."  I kept saying, "This isn't goodbye.  This is see ya later."  Jyosthna and Teja were both very side and cried when we had to hug them goodbye.  We reassured them that we would return.  We aren't sure when we will be back in Narsapur, but we are hoping this will be a yearly visit.  We now know that we are always welcome in India and we have a family there that loves us!  We continuously pray for them and their ministries and we hope they continue to stay strong!  Thank you so much for everything that you taught us from such a short time of being together.  India has a special place in our hearts!!  WE LOVE INDIA!!!

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Tim Arnold said...

I’ve just finished reading through your journey/ adventure in India and I’m so grateful to God that you were able to go. The work you and Gary accomplished in India is a testament to your love for the Lord and desire to make disciples in all the world. Don’t sell yourself short, you're a gifted story teller and the pictures are wonderful. I feel as if I know some of the brethren through your stories and I look forward to talking with you about the Indian culture when you and Gary come home. You and Gary are in our prayers every day.