Monday, November 29, 2010

The joy of easy entertainment

This morning my co-workers and I rose up early to attend a training (by phone) from a guy back in Nashville so we can train some new hires here in Malaysia. So, we head to the office at 6:45 and on the way there we remember that we don't have a key to get in. Just so you know they take security to the next level. When you first come in the building there is a security guard with cameras, during the day we can only enter AND EXIT our office by using a key card, at night they put a magnetic lock on the key card door, and then close the big steel doors over the glass ones and add a chain with a pad lock on it. So, don't think about trying to come and break in our office after hours. Needless to say, we drove all the way to the office, just to get back into a taxi and drive back to the hotel. Thankfully our AM, Rami, has access to all of our systems and we were able to hook up the training from his hotel room. We seriously should have done that from the beginning, but you live and learn. After all of the technical difficulties (locked out of office, guy in Nashville unable to call the hotel room, etc...) we finally began the training. It was pretty straight forward stuff that Jonathan and I had done before, just mainly a refresher course...but now for the funny part.
We were on a shared meeting place that allows us to view the guy in nashville's desktop. At the very end of the training we lost the phone connection. So, we could see him trying to find the number, send an email, and blah blah blah. So, Rami sent him an IM. Well, since we could see his desktop, we could see him typing before he ever pushed the send button on his IM. Now, this may not seem funny to you, but we had A BLAST racing to see if we could answer the question he was typing before he pushed send. We were laughing SOOOO hard!!! I was not excited about getting up that early, having to sit through a training, and having all of those problem for the training to actually start, but that little bit of excitment made it all ok. I love simple things that can entertain me!!


Juliane McCorkle said...

You made lemonade! Cute story!

Becky Welch said...

You always have the BEST attitude! I love reading your blog!

nat said...

This would have made me laught oo! I can just see you sitting there laughing at this!

Tabitha said...

THis is so funny...I would have loved to been there. I bet Chris or whoever was training ya'll (Robert?) was like in awe...good story!