Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fruit Friday

Back in Nashville every Friday at 4 o'clock the entire office stops working and begins drinking. Depending on the team that you are on, you can completely stop working and just socialize or you can drink while you work. Since I'm not a drinker this never really inticed me (except the part of stopping work and socializing) and since I was transferred to a different team last Oct. that had more work to do our team simply drank while they worked.
KL likes to do things their own way. When they started the office they never implimented drinking Friday, but they did however decide that they needed to reward their employees on a weekly basis. So, they came up with the idea of Fruit Friday. Every Friday we get different fruit delivered in...oranges, melons, guava, fruit that nobody knows the name of. We don't stop working and socialize, but I think that this office has the right idea about taking care of their employees. I'm sure if I suggested fruit Friday in Nashville it wouldn't go over very well, but I can enjoy it while I'm here.

I'm not a cantaloupe fan at all, but the ones here are delicious!!!

These are pears and some other kinds of  fruit that nobody knew the name of.  They really make me laugh here!!


Juliane McCorkle said...

Yum! There's a yummy fruit that looks like a purple tomato and it's the sweetest fruit I have ever put in my mouth! I hope you get to have it on Friday's! lol

nat said...

Fruit Friday sounds awesome! How do you have more followers than me now?! I'm so sad! Ha! Just kidding! You're so popular because you're so cool!