Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Matthew

Last Thursday we celebrated Matthew's birthday.  He is one of our good friends from church!  We had soooo much fun and there were soooo many people there!!  Chee Hoe and Jun Ai got some games together for everyone to play.  The first one was a singing competition!  We split up into 3 groups and had to sing the different versions of God Is So Good.  In our Cell Group on Thursday nights we had learned the Indian versions after Gary and I came back from India (the first time).  Then we decided since we hang out with Chinese people we should add a Chinese language in, here is the winning group singing God Is So Good in 5 different languages!!!

please excuse my husband's bad camera work

The Winners!!

Then we played Win/Lose/Draw.  It was a good time and since our team won the singing competition we got to choose who drew for the teams.  I can't remember if we won that game too, but it doesn't matter (even though I'm so competitve). 

Time to cut the cake! 

I guess it's a pretty big deal for the birthday boy/girl to cut the cake.  He didn't feed it to anyone, like they do in India, but it's still different than the American tradition of blowing out the candles and giving the birthday boy/girl the first piece.

Of course some group shots had to be taken and these are after a lot of people had left.

Cute girls!!! 

Hope you had a great birthday, Matthew!!!


Juliane McCorkle said...

Haha! Fun times! A lot of the Malaysian way of doing things is similar to the Chinese way, lol. That's cool!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! God is good!!

nat said...

Looks like you all are celebrating birthdays every day! LOL!

He Sings Over Me! said...

That birthday party sounds like so much fun! Everytime we have a birthday party the birthday boy/girl cuts the cake and gets the first piece. Interesting. I didn't know everyone else just got the first piece. I guess that is the TexMex way!

I love the video of you all singing GOd is so Good! It's just powerfull to hear it in different languages. I sang it once in English, Spanish, and Portuguese! Though I already forgot how to sing it in Portuguese now!

You will have to remember how to teach me! :)