Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaving Comments Anonymously

As you may remember I love followers and comments and I have been getting a lot of people tell me through other avenues that they enjoy reading my blog, but there is no trace of them on here (besides that stats section that we have, but I'm not 100% sure how all that works yet).  So, if you are one of those people who don't have a google account you can still leave comments if you are so inclined.  Just do it annonymously and then leave your name at the end of your comment.  I tried to do pictures on how to do it like I have done several times before, but today it wasn't working correctly so you will just have follow my written instructions.

Step 1 - Read the post and laugh out loud if it is funny and cry if it is sad.  You can have the other emotions in between if the post is neither funny nor sad ( I give you permission).

Step 2 - Come up with something clever, supportive, humorous, additional, or the first thing that comes to your mind to say about that post.

Step 3 - Scroll down to the bottom of that particular post and click where it says __ comments.  If you are the first one to comment the __ will have a 0 there ( I think you get the idea).

Step 4 - a little screen will pop up (because that's how I have mine set up) and you can type whatever you like

Step 5 - Make sure you put your name after your comment so I know who you are and then scroll down

Step 6 - Type the Word verification

Step 7 - Click on the little circle beside Anonymous.

Step 8 - Click Publish your comment

Step 9 - You will see that it will have to get approval before it is published by yours truly.  I set it up that way so I don't have to go back and check if I have comments on past posts I automatically get to see them when I log in.  It's quite nice!

Step 10 - Come back and visit to see what other people have posted after your comment and catch up with the new posts I have posted.

Step 11 - comment again on the new posts!!!! : )

Happy Commenting,


Juliane McCorkle said...

Haha! You crack me up! I understand the feeling of people saying they read your blog, but you don't know it. The comments are positive reinforcement to keep blogging! Lol keep it up!

Kristen said...

I know just how you feel! I have many people tell me in person or on Facebook that they like my blog, which is super nice, but it's always a thrill to get an actual comment on a post, too! Good idea to provide a tutorial for those non-bloggers. =)