Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Diaper Cake

For my nephew I have done a lot of firsts.  My first diaper cake.  My first announcement canvas and I knew that once I started doing these crafty things that I would fall in love and people would start asking me to do some for them.  I really enjoy doing it, but its finding the time.  My mom called me on Monday and asked if I could have a diaper cake done by Thursday.  She has a church shower on Sunday and the theme is Safari.  At first I thought there was no way I would have time.  Monday night was Bunco, Tuesday night I had a softball game and Wednesday night is church.  However, before Bunco I had to run to the store anyway to get the things I needed to take and just decided to get all of my diaper cake ingredients at the same time.  The boys were getting together at our house while we were at bunco so Sara and I were riding together.  I made sure the house was in order and then started rolling some diapers before Jimmy and Sara got there.  Then Tuesday night after my game I pretty much finished the entire thing.  Once I get started it's really hard for me to stop :).  This one seemed to be a little bit more difficult because I used 3 seperate ribbons around each layer and my husband isn't as helpful as my sister and grandmother.  I started out hot glueing, but then found some sticky tabs that I used for the top three layers.  Much easier than hot glue and less dangerous.  Yes, I burnt myself a couple of reminded me of college when my roommates banned me from the hot glue gun because I always got injured.  Anyway, I had grabbed a few decorations at the store to throw on the cake and some stickers.  I seemed to have mis-placed the stickers so I might have to run and get some more because I honestly think it will look better with them...

The stickers will go around the 'Safari.'

1 pack of size 2 LUVS diapers
1 roll of giraffe print ribbon (used all)
1 roll of orange shiney ribbon
1 roll of brown shiney ribbon
hot glue gun OR sticky tabs
1 stuffed giraffe that says the ABC's
2 animal finger puppets (sticks they are on courtesy of Starbucks)
2 rubber animal toys

Roll each diaper individually and wrap a rubberband around it.  You can spread the whole diaper out and wrap that way or just start at the fold and wrap up.  I can do it either way, but the second option is quicker when you don't have any helpers :).
Once all of the diapers are rolled start making the layers.  I usually start with 8 and then add a layer around.  This cake is actually one layer higher than my last cake, but the top layer only has 4 or 5 diapers.  I just kind of play it by ear as to how I want to do the layers.  The last cake was done with size 1 diapers and there were 100 of them (very different).  Anyway, once you get the layers done you start adding your embellishments.  I'm going to tell my mom that she can add more stuff to it if she wants because I think it does need more.  Also, this one is just sitting on a glass cake plate.  It's actually a giraffe type print on it, but you can't tell :). 

I really enjoy making them and actually another girl at church just told us she is pregnant and guess when she's due!!!!!!!!  JANUARY day before my birthday.  Even though she isn't showing and the baby probably doesn't even have ears yet, I definitly hunched down and told him/her to wait one more day so that we could share a birthday :).  Congrats Mark and Amy!!  I also told her that she had to use regular diapers and not clothe diapers so I could try out this whole diaper wreath thing.  My next project is another announcement canvas for a shower at the end of July and then Rachel and I are doing a towel cake for a wedding shower!!!  Lots of fun!!!!!

Happy crafting,


Mindy said...

This is great! And I know that new moms really appreciate all the goodies they include!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!!!! You do such a wonderful job! Can't wiat to do the diaper wreath!