Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I forgot something

So, when I wrote this I was in a little bit of a hurry and I left out some of the funny parts.  Only when I read my friend's blog here this morning did I realize that I too had a similar story when trying to cook for Gary.  You may think that I'm a good cook, but honestly I'm not great at it and that's why Gary does most of the cooking.  We actually try to cook together so that each of can focus on something.  He usually takes care of the meat and I do the veggies.  It works perfect for us!!! 

So, me cooking and baking the entire meal is not something I'm used to.  Remember I made a new recipe of Chicken Madeira and I had never made Chess Pie before either.  Needless to say there were a few hic-ups throughout the preparation.  I most definitly use every pot, pan, dish, spoon, and all of the counter space when I'm cooking.  There's never any down time for me to wash the item I just used (and by the way our dish washer is broken) so the dishes just get PILED HIGH!!!  When I got home the chicken was still frozen, so the suggested time of 4-6 minutes on each side turned into a little longer for mine.  I got the potatoes boiling and then remembered that the sauce takes 20 minutes...oh well too late to stop them now.  The actual food wasn't the problem, it was the dessert.  I put all of the ingredients the recipe called for and when I went to pour it in my pie crust it definitly overflowed!!!!!!  All over the countertop.  I tried to pick the pie up and dump some back in the bowl and when I did it toppled over and spilled practically the entire filling on the counter.  Of course it started dripping off of the counter onto the floor...and the sauce is done...and the potatoes are boiling over...whew it's making me tired just trying to remember what all happened.  I just told myself to stay calm and not get upset because my friends could stall him as long as I needed.  There was a little pie filling still in the bowl so I put that in there and just prayed everytime I had pick it up that it wouldn't spill again.  I got the counter cleaned off before Gary got home, but the remnants were still on the floor...OOPS!  So, just a bit of might want to make two pies if you use this recipe or cut it in half for one!!

The food did get cold before Gary got home, but I zapped it for a few minutes and I have to say I was pretty proud of myself.  I kept patting myself on the back throughout the night...HEHE!!

Not that I'm going to be cooking alone all the time, but I know that I can do it.  However, don't expect my kitchen to be clean afterwards, the food to be hot or for me to look less than being run over by a train!

Happy Cooking (alone),

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