Thursday, June 23, 2011

Speaking of Bunco

Well, I really only spoke of it in this post, but I started thinking about it and thought I should go into more detail about why I love Bunco (I had no idea there was a World Bunco Association)!  First and foremost, it gives us ladies an opportunity to get together and just enjoy each other.  I honestly wish that while you were reading this post I could have background noise playing from a Bunco night.  Just imagine the sounds of rolling dice, simultanious AWWWWWWW's (due to a wipeout) or AHHHHHHHH's (due to a bunco), random chatter about their lives, laughing, and maybe an occasional FANG FINGERS (EH EH EH EH - the noise I make when I do them)

Thank you Taylor for that nice visual.

I like to do Fang Fingers as much as possible when I'm around Gary because he HATES them!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Bunco makes me happy!!  We play once a month at a different bunco girls home.  She decides on what time of food she wants and then we all just fill in the gaps.  This past week was baked potato bar...YUMMY!!!  We also bring $5 to go towards the gifts the hostess buys for the most of all the catergories.  We only do 5 gifts (most wipeouts, most buncos, most wins, most losses, and most travelers).  The hostess if only suppossed to spend $5 per gift.  Therefore, if we have 16 people playing and 5 x 16 = 80 (yes, I had to use a calculator), then what do we do with the rest of the money??  Why we give it to a charity of course.  We can decide on whatever charity we want and this month we bought a bike for a preacher in India!!!!  Bunco night is a great way to relieve stress and give back.  In July, Bunco will be at my house.  I'll be sure to report back!!!

Oh and might I add that I love when I get a gift that is just perfect!!  Thank you Terry Lea and Shelby for the beach tote, towel, chapstick, and nail file.  The last two have already come in major handy!!!  Oh and thanks to Target too!!

Happy rolling,

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad we do Bunco too!! I love having a night to get away!!