Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blue-eyed Cicadas

Softball season is definitely a different ball game when you throw cicadas into the mix!  If you watch one of our entire games these days you will probably see me or my teammate and left center talking buddy running in the middle of a play trying to free ourselves from the chasing cicada.  However, last night as the topic of these disgusting creatures came up in the dug-out, one of our coaches/husband (not mine) mentioned that if you find a blue-eyed cicada vanderbilt will give you $5000 for it for research.  I have been soooo excited about that and have been telling everyone I know!!  However, as I was typing this post today I did a little of my own research and found this!  What a bummer!!!!!  So, now my goal is to stop this rumor so that people don't waste their time searching for the rare bug!  If you enjoy the cicada-ness of this year, check out this blog post!  Hilarious!!

Happy not searching for blue-eyed cicadas,

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