Monday, June 13, 2011

Marine Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf

Sometimes I feel as though Gary and I live in a bubble.  We don't have cable or any channels.  We only recently got internet at our house.  So, when big news happens we are normally very far behind in hearing about it.  Our preacher has mentioned several times in the past month that one of his friends from high school's son was killed in Afghanistan.  However, when he began updating us yesterday on the event my heart started to break.  I don't know if you live in a bubble like us, but have you heard about the Westboro Baptist Church?  They literally make me sick to my stomach.  Wayne, our preacher, told us that they are going to be picketing the funeral today in Nashville.  I started doing a little research this morning and found this blog post about the details of the day if you want to be involved in keeping this family safe.  If you notice at the bottom of that post he has videos of the Patriot Guard Riders and one of the spokesperson of the church group being interviewed on Fox News.  Once you watch that one, there are countless numbers of videos that show her being interviewed.  It honestly hurts my heart to hear how she views our LOVING God.  If you want to know a little about his passion just read this and the people he is survived by. Please say a little prayer for this family today.  They are grieving the loss of their son, husband, father, brother, grandson, etc. and are unable to do so in a proper manner.  The funeral begins at 3, so if you think about it, have a moment of silence at that time.

Pray for Peace,


nat said...

This group has been causing trouble for a long time now and it always makes me so mad when I hear about it. I will definitely say a prayer for this family today.

Terry said...

My heart and prayers have been with this family since I heard he was killed in Afghanistan. I know God will give them a comfort and peace that passes understanding, and if any of us can be of benefit to them, I hope we rise up and meet the challenge.

And I pray for those from the Westboro Baptist group that their consciences may be softened so they can see where their hatred and vitriol are the exact opposite of what Jesus shed his blood for. They are not the bride of Christ and I'm saddened when anyone mistakes them for followers of our Lord and savior.

Singing Pilgrim said...

A person I loves funeral was supposed to be protested at by them... blessedly the family was able to keep details quiet enough they didn't show up. And there's a gang of bikers who tries to keep them away from grieving families. And my alma mater, Converse College, was recently a target of their protests for a film they were showing at an event. I've not seen the event, but the fact that they were doing something to make this horrible group protest made me proud. I hate that they abuse the name church. The Church, the one Holy bride and body of Christ, is a Holy amazing thing I am humbled to be a part of... and to know that there are definitely those out there who think she is represented by this group and therefore hate her? And hate her groom? Ohhhh... that burns me up!

Kyle Balduf said...

Kimberly, Kevin was my twin brother, and I can assure you that we have been surrounded by the love of God, and that no protestor could every change God's truth or love, and what I know about my brother. Our family has had peace, and all of Kevin's memorials have gone well. Thank you all for your prayers, kind words, and warm hearts. They are life-giving in the darkest of times.