Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Festivites

 Last friday night was the first night this party animal got out!
A couple from church had their 1st annual Halloween party!  It was a blast!!  They did a good job inviting people that we don't necessarily always hang out with so it was nice to fellowship with them.

Wren and Caleb :)

Duck Dynasty made an appearance!

Wren got really hot so we unzipped her and she was really interested in Michael's conversation.  She only sits like this when Gary is holding her.  She loves it!!

On Saturday night a girl from work had a little get-together...
I'm 'in the bed' and Wren is my little 'stuffed' animal.

Throwback...I did the same costume back in college.  This year's animal was WAY better!!

Peeps I work with!

Hanna (Dunkin' Donut) and me

Do you know who Gary is??

This is the dinosaur from Jurassic Park that spits at Newman!  Genius! 

Most creative costume of the night!!!  SERIOUSLY!!

On Sunday we had trunk-or-treat at church. 
The cards were playing game 3 that night.  Still a fan even though they lost the series and I'm sure Cooper agrees with me!

Cousins trunk-or-treating!!

Last night we only went to see my Grandmother because she didn't get to see Wren in her costume at church.
My aunt and Grandmother got Wrennie some little gifts since she can't eat candy.  She loved her book and rattle doll!

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween and still have more to come, I'm sure!!  I know the kids around here are going to go out trick-or-treating tonight.  Sad we won't be home to see the cute costumes!


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