Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Color My Neck Red!

Monday night was butcher night in the Washer house!  But First...

We took this little cutie's 6 month picture!!  She is so funny when we sit her in her little chair.  She just wants to jump out and it's usually face forward.  Gary would catch her every time and she thought it was hilarious!!

My cousin put this little collage of pictures together and it's super fun to see how much she's grown.
That 3 month picture cracks me up!

After her picture Gary went to chopping and Wrennie and I played in her room for a little bit.  I had to dump all of her stuffed animals out to use the storage bin as a prop in her picture and with all these options 
she kept going straight to the kiwi!  Rachel brought us that kiwi when they were here visiting right after she was born.  I think it's a sign we need to pack up and head back to New Zealand!!

Gary learned how to butcher a deer from You Tube!  Yep, you can find out how to do anything these days and we have a pretty good system.  Last year he killed a total of 3 and we had to butcher and wrap 2 at one time.  I was pregnant, tired, and the smell really got to me.  This year it was not bad at all!  We got everything besides the ground done on Monday night and then he finished up the ground last night.

Some of the meat ready to be wrapped.

He found part of his bullet.  Yes, we threw that piece away because we weren't sure about eating that.

While we were butchering and wrapping, I put Wren in car seat to watch a movie.  She did so good and let us get everything done!

Everything but the 14 lbs of ground that Gary added last night!  Yahoo fill that freezer up!

After we were done, I had to do a few things so Gary was on baby duty.

This is how he put her sleep!  Got the gun by his head :).

OH and I came home to some 'just because' roses on Monday too!  I secretly think it was a bribe to get me to not complain about wrapping meat and it might have worked :).

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