Monday, November 11, 2013

Let the Thanksgiving Begin!

This weekend last year we were at Fall Creek Falls on the marriage retreat our church hosts.  We had originally planned to go again this year, but as you will see it was, once again, A PACKED WEEKEND!!

Friday night ended up being a spontaneous dinner with friends at our house!  The guys were supposed to have a guys night, but one of them couldn't make it so over the others came.  Rachel and Preston came too and we got to work on some crafts for his first birthday party!

Saturday morning, we realized our fridge was beginning to go out so Uncle Paul to the rescue!!
Wren's first lesson on refrigeration...she's gonna be a genius!  Thank goodness he fixed it because later that day Gary killed this
Gary doesn't believe in sending his deer meat to the butcher, so my evening is looking like a lot of meat wrapping.  I can't wait until Wren is 'of the age' and can be her daddy's meat wrapper!!  At least it's only one deer and I'm not pregnant this time!

Saturday night we partied!!
Wren and me with Jimmy and Roane

Preston got lots of riding toys!!

"Excuse me ladies, please don't fight over me."

Oh, hey big eyes!

Look at that grin.

"Ok Wren, we will show you how to crawl."

He loved his balloons!

I love this picture of Jimmy and Roane!!!  So precious!!  She's going to be a blast at her first birthday in March!

Wren trying out the 1 year old's high chair!

He smashed it when nobody was watching him.

Wren learning Vietnamese.  GENIUS!

In case you can't tell by Gary's hat, he came straight from the hunting field.  Thankfully he did most of the deer cleaning out there, but his redneck self still had deer blood on his hands when he entered the party zone.  Just living the redneck life, but hey if there's free meat involved just call me redneck!!

Sunday we had Gary's side family Thanksgiving!
Pappy and Granny and all their grandkids!!

The Barlar greats (minus 3 that live in Florida).

The Barlar grands and their spouses (minus Emily and Laura's husband's because they work nightshift and the ones that live in Florida)

The Barlar sisters and their husbands.  Their brother, Doug lives in Florida and so do 3 of his 4 children.

Lylah and Wren.

They love each other!

"Hey I think that's my paci!!"  Lylah was a little confused because she also has a caterpillar paci.

We left the fam Thanksgiving to get Wren's 6 month pics!!

I mean seriously!!  She could be his mini-me!

Shonta never disappoints!!

We took a really cute one that will be on our Christmas card and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!


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nat said...

Looks like you all had a fun weekend! Love the photos of you all!