Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BLW update

  1. So, how's it been going?
  2. What does she like to eat?
  3. Does it make you nervous if she chokes?
  4. Don't you think she's too small to eat that stuff?

We decided to try out this Baby-Led Weaning approach when introducing solids into Wren's daily life.  So far so good!!  When I first heard about it I didn't really like the idea of mealtime being called playtime, but now that I've done my research I understand exactly what it means and it totally makes sense.  Even though it may seem like playtime she is actually learning about different textures and tastes and smells.  It's really awesome to see her try new things and even spicy things!!  So, to answer the questions above:

  1. It's going great!
  2. She likes to eat whatever we put in front of her if she is able to pick up.  They suggest finger size foods (i.e. french fry size) to help them grip it and still have some sticking out of their hand to nom on. What she's tried: *disclaimer - I understand some of this is not considered 'healthy,' but they say this should be easy and just give them what's on your plate.  So, it keeps mom and dad accountable as well to eat healthier.  We do for the most part ;).*
    1. green beans
    2. pickles
    3. turkey
    4. Indian Curry
    5. Parmesan Chicken
    6. Nachos (bluecoast burrito style) 
    7. Rice
    8. sweet potatoes
    9. homemade french fry
    10. Pizza toppings
    11. I'm sure there's more things that she has tried that I can't remember right now.
  3. Choking and gagging are two different things.  Babies gag reflex is towards the middle of their mouth as they are learning to swallow so a lot of times when they are gagging the food is no where close to their throat and they are able to get the food out.  I do warn people about this when we sit down to eat because I don't want others to freak out if she starts gagging.
  4. Absolutely not!!  The earlier they learn to feed themselves the better!!  
I learn more and more everyday about this approach and so does Wren.  It's FUN!!!
Here she is eating some Indian food (she's already had this twice, by the way, and she's only been eating solids for a little over 2 weeks :)).


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