Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Allove Rose

I mean seriously!  Our weekends are always jam packed!!  I think I'm starting to realize that more and more because I've been documenting more of my life (ok ok really Wren's life) lately.

You can't really see what's going on in this picture, but she's staring at a lady bug (I think it's actually a Japanese beetle) on my finger.  She was so cute trying to grab at it.

We went to my parent's house Friday night and spent the night.  On Saturday we headed to Arab for the First Annual In-laws and Out-laws hayride at the Sharp's cabin!  It was soooo fun and the turn-out ended up being way more than they expected.  We had chili, taco soup, potato soup, yummy cheese biscuits and dessert!

 Wren and Gary by the fire.  

She had to borrow Easton's hat and it was way too big :).

On the 1st hayride

The 2nd hayride we intended to be the 'haunted hayride,' but there ended up not being enough preparation to really pull it off.  There was a smaller child than anticipated on it though and supposedly she was very spooked :).

Our spooky costumes.  Yes, the middle one is Shelley!!

On Sunday morning we went to church at Chase Park (where I grew up, but it was Memorial Parkway way back then).  Wren got lots of attention, of course!!
Jack and Wren

Wren with the Lamica bunch.  This is the best picture and it was taken by their mom.  We laughed and laughed!!!  Wren is looking sneaky in this picture like she's enticing Titus to cry.  Bless his heart!!

That night I got to meet sweet baby Reese!!
Future Makin' Music Directors!!!

Monday morning we headed to the hospital to welcome our new baby girl into the world.  Rachael and Nick had their 4th girl, Allove Rose at 8:51 am.  

She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.

Aunt Kimbe and Allove

Aunt Shelley, mommy (Rachael), Allove and me!

It was a great weekend!!  Hope you all had a great one as well!!


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nat said...

The photos of the kids from church cracked me up over the weekend. Glad you were able to visit!