Monday, September 9, 2013

Wren's life so far...

Disclaimer: These pictures are not necessarily in the order of which they were taken. 

My first Mother's day!!  The day after she was born!  Gary didn't have to get my anything because she was the perfect gift, but he got me a charm for my Pandora bracelet and an origami owl necklace!!

Gary's first Father's Day!!  Wren made him a frame with her pictures in it!

My awesome wreath my Aunt Kecia made me for her hospital door.  It is now hanging on her nursery door.

Here's a lot of her visitors... 
Cousins Ruthie, Hannah and Caleb

Cousin Easton

Wren and Morgan Riley

Hanna and Kaitlin from my work

                                             Kip and Anna                                        Josh

Wren met Preston.  It was obviously too much for him to handle!

Ready to go home!  Gary even got the ladies in the nursery to be sure they matched her bow to her going home outfit!  So Sweet!!

Aunt Kecia is her manacurist.  This is her first one.       Brett came to visit and held her the whole time while                                                                                              we ate dinner one night.

                                          night night Wrennie!                          Just a swingin'

Her friend Roane came to visit

Meeting her great Pop


Dharma got to see her before he went back to India!

First bath 

Shonta, from Sharper Photography taking her newborn photos in our dining room.  She is awesome with newborns.  She has a portable heater and everything so they don't get cold and start screaming!!  As you can tell she was expecting a baby too :).

First doc visit.  Not a happy camper!

With Pepaw!

Our first walk that lasted 2 minutes because there were way too many mosquitoes!!

The first time I left Wren was to attend the Smyrna High School state softball games.  It was totally worth it because they WON STATE!!!  

Check out my what my heads too small.  A girl's gotta have her accessories!

A little pillow talk with daddy

Wren's friend Brennan came all the way from New Zealand!

Yay for roommates and babies!!

Hanging out with Alison!

               Please check out those extremely skinny legs!      Hey!  I'm trying to sleep here and it's too bright.  
                                They aren't like that anymore.                          Don't worry I got this!
                            She's got some meat on her bones!

Meeting her Aunt Bonnie!

Wren and Easton's first trip to Backwoods!

Hanging out with Morgan and Martha!  She will have a new friend soon from Martha!!  YAY!!

Aunt Rachael and cousins.  Aunt Rachael is giving me another cousin girl too!!

So stinkin' cute!!

Sisters and cousins!

First time to church 
Mike and Shaia were the only lucky ones (beside my Granny) that got to hold me on my first Sunday at church.

You lookin' at me?

Meeting her great great aunt Sara

First bath in her tub

Easton loves Wrennie!

1 1/2 month check-up

Easton telling her how it is.

Easton had surgery and loved the wagon at the hospital.

Check out the progression of the next few pics... 
Just minded my own business

Oh hey Easton

WHAAAAA!!!  Why is slapping me?!?

Alyza loves baby Wren!

I just knew Aunt Rachael was going to have a boy.  YAY for another girl!

I. LIKE. BIG. BOWS and I cannot lie!

Just playing

First 4th of July 

Cousin Benjamin, Christopher and Sarah

I love to smile!

I love my Bebe!

My first vacation

I thought I was going to roll over, tricked ya!

Preston and Wren got to take lots of baths together on vacation

Toes in the water

Swimming in the pool!

                                      Snuggle time with daddy                 I love my daddy!

                                        Nap time on the beach                 YAY for the beach!!

The first night we came back from vacation I put her in her crib and she slept all night!!  ANGEL!!

Daddy reading me a very serious book.  Do you see how thick that is?


2 1/2 month check-up 

"Wren, show me your teeth!"

Wearing my UNCLE (yes UNCLE) Brad's gown to church.

My friend Gwenyth.  Who I'm named after :).

My first time riding in the church van.  I love my daddy!

Before Mommy went back to work she would carry me around the house like this and do her chores.

My first time door-knocking.  I had the best team!

Getting my 3 months pictures taken.

Meeting my great great Aunt Jewel and Uncle Emory.  They live all the way in Washington state.

                                      Uncle Gary and Aunt Peggy.                    Some cousins from Washington. 

My first time on a lawn mower!!  

Hanging out at Bebe and Pepaw's house

Meeting my Grammy and Pawpaw!

I'm 3 months old!

My first North Face 

                               I love visiting my cousin Easton!       Uncle J clipping my fingernails!

First volleyball game!  Go Elizabeth!

                    I love sitting in my bumbo!                                Mommy thinks I have a cute butty!!

Wren's first fishing lesson...she may or may not be sleeping during it ;)

Wren's first lesson on car mechanics!  A girl needs to know these things!

Great Grandmother rocking me!

Gary's cousin had a baby in February and Lilah came to visit after we came home from the hospital!

Lots of people came to see me... 

Our first power outage.  It lasted about an hour.  We took a nap :).

 First baseball game with Pepaw!

Wren and Easton's first bath together

Watching cars before church.

My cousin and best friend in Bible class together!

Wren and I busted up on Shelley and her roommate's outing and hangout.  The babies had a blast!!
Standing on the left: Hoyt - Becca's oldest (Jase, not pictured)
Sitting from left to right: Braylon - Jill's baby
Avery - Carrie's niece
Wren - mine :)
Easton - Shelley's
Nola - Ashley's baby

Gary and I have loved every single minute of being Wren's parents.  We are so excited to watch her grow and learn!!  We love you Wrennie!!

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