Monday, September 23, 2013

Day at the Park

Yesterday was our Friends and Family Day at church.  Sadly, we have been so busy this month we weren't able to really promote it to all of our friends and family, but we definitely engaged in the activities of the day!

First off, we had a combined morning worship.  For a couple of years now we've had an 8am service and a 10:15 service with Bible class in the middle.  Every so often they do a combined service for special occasions and it's always AWESOME!!  Yesterday was no exception!  Matt and Wayne did a great job highlighting the importance of the Lord's Supper, Christ's death, and the offering.  I missed the first part, due to having to exit the auditorium and head to the nursing room, but once Wren was conked out I returned.  She didn't stay asleep and she got to witness her first baptism!  What an amazing thing for your baby to experience!  Even though she really had no idea what was happening it's still wonderful to think that she gets to witness people giving their lives to Christ.  It brought tears to my eyes to think about and pray that one day that will be Gary and Wren in that baptistery.  What a great day that will be!!  Please pray that we are the right examples for our sweet girl!

After morning worship we headed to the park for lunch.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and it was probably the best turn-out we have ever had!  Wrennie sported her slammin' sunglasses (thanks Marlee for capturing since my phone was dead)!

We had bbq and the fixings!  We even ran out and they had to go get more and then ran out of that!!  Like I said, GREAT TURN-OUT!!

After the park, we went home and rested up before church.  Gary had to go on to the building because he had people to meet that afternoon and get his power point done for his sermon that night.  He has been preaching every Sunday night this month (minus last Sunday because we were out of town) and has done a phenomenal job, but I'm not biased at all!  Once they are up on the website I'll post a link.

It was a great day inside and outside!

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