Monday, September 30, 2013

10 years

My weekend started a little early when I got to take my 4 month and 16 day old baby to the doctor.  She is growing so fast and over the past 2 months she jumped from the 4th percentile in weight to the 22nd.  The doc says she looks great and is growing perfectly!
13 pounds and 5.5 ounces

After the doctor, I had to rush home to get packed to head to Alabama.  It was homecoming at my high school and the class of 2003 was meeting up at the game for the first part of our reunion weekend.  

We look pretty good with 2 kids don't we??  HEHE
Easton was spending the night with mom and dad so he came to the game with them!  Wren loves him I promise, regardless what her face is saying in this picture.
While dad is taking the picture above, a lady bug flies down and lands on his jacket.  I was pointing it out to Easton and we let it crawl onto Easton's hand and right when I was about to snap a pic of him with the lady bug...GULP!!  He popped that thing right into his mouth.  Mom started freaking out so that scared Easton and this is the pic I caught instead...
Bless him, he just wanted a snack :).  Don't worry he cheered up and loved the band at halftime!

Our class had a tent down at the end zone and we were able to snap a group shot.  This isn't everyone that was there.
HGHS Class of '03

My best friend from high school, Magan!!  Miss her so much!!

We had to come back on Saturday afternoon because Gary had plans, but they did have another get together that night that we missed.  It was fun to see several people and catch up.  Hopefully we will get together again before our 20 year.

Gary preached his last sermon for the month last night and did a great job.  I promise as soon as they put them on the website I will put a link on here so you can listen.  They are great lessons, but I might be a little biased :).

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

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Looks like you had a great time!