Friday, September 6, 2013

Blog update

I'm seriously going to try and keep anyone who cares and might be reading this updated with my life from here on out.  One of my friends, Rachel, decided for her birthday that she wanted to do a blog post a day.  I can't promise I will do that, but at least update it hopefully once a week to re-cap what's been going on in the Washer household.

I will also be updating the look of my blog so don't be surprised if you come back and everything has changed.

Glad to be back,

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Anonymous said...

Great to see you again in cyberspace. Thanks for the update of your first born. i look forward to see you updating your blog on a regular basis. You and Gary will have the joys of raising Wren and more children if the Lord blesses you two with more. We in Wangsa Maju misses both of you a great deal