Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shout Out!!!

I like to do shout-outs every once in a while to let my readers know what I'm reading :).  Well, lately I have been catching up on one of my college roommate's blog's.  She just recently started her blog and for good reason.  On January 10th she and her husband moved to NEW ZEALAND!!!!  It has been aweseme hearing about her life as a kiwi!  Gary and I are planning a trip to see them, hopefully in July!!!  Can't wait for her to take us around to all of the exciting places she has been writing about! 

Now for a little flashback in time...

Oh man!!!!!  This is classic!!!  This was for a social club meeting at Freed.  We were all 6 in Phi Kappa and bought those jerseys on sale at a shop in Henderson.  This particular meeting was the air band meeting.  It was soooo awesome!!  There is actually a 15 second video floating around somewhere that I'm going to track down!!  Just in case you're wondering we are Boys II Men...

Here's Rachel and me at Riverboat our sophomore year!  Geez louise I was so skinny!!

Here's the suite at Halloween.  Rachel, Beth and Martha are Christmas carolers!  I was an Asian girl and Trish and Megan are pirates!

This is our senior year at the marshmallow fight, that obviously turned into mud sliding!

Senior year officers!!


Riverboat our Junior Year!

I think this was one of the first pics we took as suitemates!  This is at the Phi Kappa mixer at the very beginning of our junior year!

The 4 of us liked to go on the roof of Porter Terry and sing devo songs!!  We felt like such rebels!  We even recorded some of those...I should probably try to find those too :).


Megan actually didn't make it to this trip to Crossville.  This is us on Rachel's parent's boat. 

This is our junior year when we snuck out to go to IHOP...what a night.  That could be a whole post of it's own!!

The bean scene.  A skit we did in Gatlinburg with our church group at Stantonville

Mine and Rachel's senior year.  I was a Makin' Music director...we swept!!!

Our graduation!!

Suite 17 reunion for Martha's birthday!
Another mixer picture!  Suite 17 "THE VENT"  This is our classic picture!!

At Martha's birthday after we all left Freed!

Again at my wedding!!

Me and RD at the demo derby in Lawrenceburg.  The first and last time we hung out as couples!!
This is our very last picture together while she lived in America at the Race for the Cure.

I miss you tons and tons, Rachel, but I'm soooo excited for the life that you have in New Zealand!!  I love my little kiwi!!

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