Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Susan G. Komen - Race for the Cure

A few months ago I got a text from my college roommate, Rachel, asking me if it would be ok if her and her new husband came to stay with us because they were running the breast cancer 5k in Nashville.  She then proceeds to ask me if I want to run with them.  I had just started running and actually just a few days later I signed up for the warrior dash, which by the way was my first 5k :).  So, a couple of Friday's ago (the friday before Halloween) Rachel drove up to spend the night.  Jared ended up not coming because he had to go back to Denver for some school stuff.  She and I hung out like old times and I even kicked Gary out of our bed so she and I could have a slumber party!!!! 
The race started at 9-ish and we got there a little early to see all of the festivites.  However, there were just too many people (and dogs) to really see anything. 

A few pre-race pictures...
Brett and Jessica (thanks to Jess we have all of these pics :))

Me and Gary

Rachel and Lee

The racers!!
Jessica, me, Rachel, and Rachel

We inched our way up to the 'start line' (start line is a relative term considering we were still about half a mile away from it) and were surrounded by either survivors or those running in memory of someone.  My heart sunk and it took all I had to hold in the emotion.  Before the gun was fired I felt like we needed to say a prayer and of course the girls were all about it.  We prayed for the survivors of breast cancer and those that have survived a friend or family member that has been taken by breast cancer.  To read some of their posters and things they were carrying was incredible!!  It amazed me how many people in our area have been affected by this disease.

Our goal was to finish the race in 45 minutes because we knew we would probably walk some.  Jessica didn't even want to sweat, but that didn't happen after the first 2 minutes of running.  We would have reached our 45 minute goal had we not stopped for me to take a picture with...
SANTA and his pink beard!!!!

We had a great time and I'm looking forward to next year!

Gary and me post-race!


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