Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend

The weekend started with this beautiful lady getting married!!!!
Congrats Beth and Kevin!!!

Pic by: Shonta Harper - Sharper Photography

Immediately after Beth and Kevin peeled out, literally, of their reception, Gary and I hit the road for the long drive to Gatlinburg.  Our GPS charger is broken and my iphone was dying.  Before it died I looked up directions and got some from Rachel so I could be prepared.  She even sent me a picture of the entrance to the cabins.  We arrived in Gatlinburg and turned left at the first light.  This is where things got crazy!!  We were supposed to go about 10 miles and the place we were staying (Bent Creek) was going to be on our left.  I knew the sign was lit up (per the picture text) and as soon as we hit 10 miles on the odomoter we were both looking.  We came to a golf course (Golf Creek) and I immediately thought that was it.  So, we turned in and made the lefts that was supposed to take us to our cabin on the left, but this road only took us up the scarriest, skinniest road I have ever been on.  The turns were sharp and steep.  We were driving Dora, so she really isn't the easiest thing to be driving in situations like this.  Thank goodness I married a patient, loving and good driving man because he was able to do a 50 million point turn at the top of this mountain while I literelly held my hand over my eyes the entire time and kept repeating, "I'm so sorry!  You're doing a great job!  I love you!!"  Bent Creek ended up being a few more miles up the road and there were no scary roads to get the cabin...
There were 2 couples already there for the party.  Lee and Rachel, who I've mentioned countless number of times and Rachel's sister Stephanie, her husband Richie and their baby Carson.  Richie and Stephanie surprised us at the last minute and decided to come and we were sooo excited to spend the time with them!  That night we played games and got in the hot tub.

The next day was my actual birthday!!  Rachel made me my birthday breakfast of whole wheat pancakes, turkey sausage and eggs!!  It was yummy!!!  She even added some blueberries and choc chips to some of the pancakes.  The boys then left us to do manly things, like fly fish.
Lee and Gary with their waders.
The water was too cold and the trout were not out.
This is Don Winningham.  He is an elder at our church and Gary's mentor when it comes to fly fishing.  He and his wife have a cabin in Gatlinburg and happened to be up there so the boys of course wanted him to go along.

He's such a cute fly fisherman!

Wading in the water!

While the boys were off doing that, us girls just hung out at the cabin for some relaxing time.  We played with Carson, he's 4 months old and oh so sweet, and watched movies!  That night we played more games including my favorite Hit or Miss

Monday was the day the girl's got pampered.  We went and got our nails done and then met back up with the boys to eat at Old Mill.  It was sooooo yummy!!!

Then we sent the boys back to the cabin and we went shopping!!  I came back with soup and lotion from Bath and Body Works to last me a year!! 

Once again games were played and fun was had by all that night!!

Tuesday morning we all had to say goodbye to the Polar Bear (our cabin).  Gary and I decided to walk in downtown Gatlinburg for a bit and left with 2 kinds of cheese and 6 bottles of sauce and salsa!!  Then of course you have to stop at Bass Pro!

We got home about 3:30 and it was back to reality!!  We did have such a great time in Gatlinburg and I can't wait until we get to go again!!  Thanks Gary, Rachel, Lee, Stephanie, Richie and Carson for making my 27th birthday one to remember!!

Happy birthday to me!!


nat said...

Sounds like a great birthday getaway! Glad you had such a nice time! Happy belated birthday! Love you!

Terry said...

What a wonderful long weekend - I'm glad you celebrated your birthday in such a fun style!!!!