Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Table Centerpiece

I did end up putting a lot of my snowflakes away, just because it was easier when I had all of my Christmas boxes down from the attic.  However, I did decide to leave the table pretty much the same.  I did have change out the centerpiece since it was Christmas trees before.
I, of course, found this idea on pinterest.  I already had pretty much everything to do it, so the cost was nothing. 

I had some old bottles that I spray painted white and then added the epson salt.  The smaller salt looks more like snow and sticks better.  I used spray adhesive.

The silvery sticks I purchased our first year of marriage to be my tree topper.  My mom gave me a snowflake topper last year, so these weren't being used anymore.

The tall sticks in the vase are sticks from our yard that I painted white and silver.  I then added some more silver sticks to that vase and some 'snow' in the bottom.
It is all sitting on one of my glass platters scattered with 'snow' and snowflakes.  I'm not sure how I'm going to store the bottles because the salt falls right off if you touch it.  I guess I'll do the best I can to wrap them up, but it was so cheap and easy that it will be ok if I have to re-apply next year.

Happy Winter,


Anonymous said...

I love the vases!!!! You are so creative!!! You could keep them out year rounds and change what you put in them if you wanted to. : )

nat said...

Looks great! You always come up with the nestest things!