Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Business Cards

So, it's time to start getting serious about my videography business.  I have several weddings under my belt now and I learn more everyday.  I just bought my first HD Video Camera and shot my friend, Trish's, wedding in Venice Florida (GORGEOUS).  That wedding was a lot of firsts for me...first beach wedding ever attended, first beach wedding every videographed, first wedding with new camera, and first wedding to witness a live crocodile (oh yes you will see)! 

I have been meaning for several several months to get some business cards, but I have neglected to do so.  I know that vista print offers some pretty cheap ones to start out.  I feel like once I order business cards it's more official and I need to book more weddings and that is scary and exciting all at the same time! 

I wanted you readers to have a look at this business card and let me know what you think.  Does it look professional?  Does it look cheap?  Does it look like someone who knows what they are doing?  Does it say, "Hey, I need to call her for my wedding."  I also want to get into other things besides just weddings, so that's why it says lifestyle as well.  I was thinking about promoting kids birthday parties, photographer promos, baby stories, etc.  I think the wider my range of capabilities the faster I'll get this business off the ground. 

Is that right...serving greater nashville, tn?

I am currently working on a blog as well, but still haven't found the right touch.  I'll make sure to let you all know once it's up and running.  In case you missed the most recent video I have finished click here.  Keep in mind that I always do highlight videos, but the DVDs that I send the bride and groom can include other options.  I also have to work on a set pricelist.  I have currently only been offering one package, but like I said before, the more wider my range the likely I am to book.  Please let me know if you have any videography needs!

Happy Videoing,


Anonymous said...

The card looks great!! My cousin is thinking about a beach wedding next year! I sent her a video!!

nat said...

Love the cards! Think they look fantastic!