Friday, April 29, 2011


Update on the Storm:

Shelley sent me these pictures yesterday of her in-laws house.  I didn't really understand what everything was, but my dad explained it to me

I'm guessing this is Steve's truck.  Steve and Rhonda were in Birmingham when all of this happened and they came back home at about 1AM the next morning.  They knew everything was gone, but you still can't prepare yourself for how it will make you feel when you see it.

The slab you see in this picture is their patio between their house and their garage.  You can see the stones that lined the walkway and the flower bed.  To the left of the patio is where the house was.

This big slab is where the garage was.  That little building standing in the back is Rhonda's closet and their bathroom that was picked up and moved over from the house.  They were able to save some of her clothes.

A wider view of the garage slab and patio.  It doesn't really look like that tree came from there because the dirt it's sitting on is hard looking.  I'm guessing it came from somewhere else and landed in that spot.  My dad said there were trees wrapped around other trees.  He said was very creepy looking.

They have had people bringing them food and clothes and the church gave them a check.  They are going to be alright and we are all so thankful. 

I have heard that the roads are clear to head down there, so I guess Gary and I will load up some supplies and hit the road tomorrow.  I know we are going to take some gas for their generator and Lindsay Huckaby Helton, who is from there and was there when it happened, gave me a good idea to take a cooler full of drinks.  I'm sure I'll talk to my sister today and see what else we can bring.  So many people have told me they are willing to send stuff through us, but I'm just not sure what they need right now.

Still praying,

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