Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is Crazy!! I had no idea they were selling this kind of stuff!!!

Check out this guy talk about what young kids are wearing these days.  There are 2 videos on the page that are worth watching as well.



Terry said...

I think his point is VERY well taken that the real outrage should be that parents buy this stuff for their girls. Their precious, vulnerable daughters that parents strive to protect. The little girls they want to grow up unmolested by pedophiles or preyed upon by sleazy jerks. The daughters they hope and pray will wait for their wedding night to experience sex. And yet they (we) are pimping them out every time we fork over cash for streetwalker attire and rationalize to ourselves that we just want them to fit in. Fit in with who? The Kardashians or the cast of Jersey Shore? (Yes, this is one of my soapbox issues, but it is high time we wake up before it's too late.)

Kristen said...

I KNOW. It really makes me so, so mad at parents. How are so many people oblivious to what unwelcome behaviors and big problems dressing like that can cause? Very, very sad.

BB Writes said...

Kimberly, this article is ridiculous! It makes me so sad that parents give in to this, and it also makes me sad how young girls hate their bodies. They start disliking their bodies when we tell them they aren't good enough by purchasing them these things. Ugh! It makes me mad and sad all at the same time.

Juliane McCorkle said...

Yeah, that IS crazy! I had no idea either! It's sad, but I'm glad he said all that and that it got posted on CNN's website!