Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am appalled!

I am sitting here looking at my blog, when I should be packing, but I was reading this and I CANNOT believe how selfish that was.  I didn't even mention the many blessings that we have gained while being here.  We have learned SOOOOO much, not only about ourselves and other cultures, but also how no matter where in the round world you go if you are a member of God's family you are welcomed everywhere!  The Wangsa family has been incredible!!  The very first Sunday I was there I instantly felt at home.  I know that this will not be goodbye forever, but see you later because we do plan on returning to Malaysia in the future.  I feel comfortable around them, I feel at home around them, and I am honored to call them family.  It's going to be so different going back home to our big congregation.  Going to a big church makes it easy to get lost in the crowd, but going to church with a family makes you realize how supportive you can be for each other.  It's soooo crazy because if one person is missing we all notice and instantly start asking where they are.  Since everyone is so close the person who is missing has at least informed one person where they are in order to let everyone else know, just like a family.  I love them and I love how they love God!  I am so excited to see how God continues to work in their lives and their ministry.  As I was searching for the LST blog, I came across this video.  This is the family that was here 2 months before I got here doing LST with the Wangsa family.  Of course you might remember that we shifted so he is giving you a tour of the old building.  It was weird seeing that video.  We have heard so much about that family and seen so many pictures of them.  I feel like I know them and they have no idea who we are, kind of scary stalker thing, but our family here loves them.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are going to miss these people SOOOO much and some of them are even planning to come to the states and stay with us!!  YAY!!!!!



nat said...

Small churches can be a nice blessing when you are far from home. That was also my experience when I lived in other states.

Juliane McCorkle said...

I definitely feel ya on the close knit family thing. We had that last year, and we don't really have it this year. I hope your adjustment will not be very difficult for you and Gary. I'll keep you all in mind when I'm talkin to the Big Guy! :) Safe travels home!

Terry said...

I didn't read that post as selfish at all - I could practically hear you gushing about coming home. And of course you are/were excited to come home to family and friends. (It's like Dorothy said, "there's no place like home!") We're thrilled to have you back!!!

The connection and accountability in a small church is awesome, but there are also many blessings in being part of a larger group. YOU will not get lost in the crowd. Completely and utterly impossible. Inconceivable. Ain't gonna happen. Welcome back, sweet girl!!!!