Monday, February 14, 2011

The countdown continues

I promise some Singapore posts are coming soon, but we have all of the pictures on like 3 different computers, so I am just trying to get everything together and then you will be updated.

But until then, the countdown until we return back to the states is down to 5 days!

I just can't even believe that this is almost over!  I am so thankful that my company gave us this opportunity.  We had already planned on going to India in October before we found out we were coming here, but this just made that trip even more convenient and allowed us to see places we would probably never have seen.

So, this all means we have a full week ahead...

Yesterday, we worshipped for the last time (this year) with the Wangsa family.  We didn't say our goodbyes yet though.

Today, Monday, we are going out with some people from work to eat Durian...remember this video?  We tried some in Singapore too, which you will read about soon.  Let me just say that one little bite caused me to taste it the rest of the night, so I can't imagine how eating more can affect you.  You aren't supposed to get close to someone after they have eaten durian because it smells that bad!!!  YUMMY!  I'm so excited!

Tomorrow, we are going out for a farewell dinner with some people from work!

Wednesday, we are going out either to eat Indian with some work folks or dinner with KC and Irene.  If I have to work OT, which is pretty much a HUGE possibility we will go to Indian with work people.  Honestly wednesday's agenda isn't quite confirmed.

Thursday, there is an LST kick-off party at the church, so this is when the tissue and tears will take place...SAD SAD!!!

Friday, we are going to lunch with Steven Shee and he is going to take us to the airport.  The crazy thing about that is, the Shee's are the first people I met from Wangsa and they are going to be the last ones we see. 

So, even those this week might be a sad one, we have a lot of scheduled events to keep up busy! 


nat said...

Enjoy your last week in KL! I hope to see you sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

This post just about made me cry for sooo many reasons!! I can only imagine how hard it will be for you and Gary to say "see you later" (because I know you will go back and visit in the future) to so many amazing people who have taken you under their wing and treated you both like family! However, I am so excited to see you again, it just makes me all jittery!! i just hope the week goes slowly for you so you can enjoy your last week with your new "family" but fast for me so I can see you SOONER!! Love ya!! See you on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!