Monday, August 9, 2010

Magan's Early Birthday

Not a half birthday, but an early birthday!  Magan, my very bestest friend from high school, came with me to my sister's house for a girl's weekend before I leave for Malaysia.  Well, her birthday is on the 19th and I will more than likely not see her on that day.  So, Shelley and I made some cupcakes for her.  She knew about the cupcakes, but didn't know we had a slammin' 2 and 5 candle just for her.  Mom provided those and luckily she had the right numbers, who cares if they don't match!?

Shelley icing away with her homemade icing squeezer.  We think she cut the hole too big.

Shelley's best cupcake.  Sorry for the blurriness.

 Just noticed the backwards 2 when I was loading it on here.  BOO!!  I Think I even changed it because I thought it was wrong and Shelley is the one taking the pic and didn't notice it either.  Whew, thank goodness Magan didn't notice!

I am lightening fast!!  ZOOM!!!
She was sooo surprised!
She is about to cry she is so happy.  Jared, not even noticing that we are there!

She is thinking of her wish!

Just took a pic of this for old times sake!!  Remember these!!  My favorite was the Mondo's!

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