Monday, August 9, 2010

Team Outing

My company, Service Source, allows each team to have one outing per quarter.  However, our team is soooo large that we are divided up into smaller "sub" teams.  This allows us to not only go on a big team outing but also a small team outing.  On Thursday we got to leave at 3 (not all of us left at 3 remember because Dale Jr. did show up :)) and go to McFadden's, which is a restaurant/bar downtown.  Those of us who don't drink weren't too keen on the idea and we let it known, but we it was mandatory.  On Friday our "sub" team (SAS) left at 3 and went to a team members house and grilled out and talked (not about work because that was one of the rules).  Then they busted out the slip-n-slide.  I had to leave to go to my sister's so I didn't slide, but I got some cool shots and some not so cool shots.

 before the action began

the first slider (Brian)

then Clint out team lead.  It looks like he feel and there go his feet!

face first!!

ok so only 2 of them were sliding at this point.  Some were already gone and others wanted to wait until the cameras were gone.

Me trying to get a good shot in action, but Brian was too scared he was going to run into me and get me all wet.  It was soooo hot out there I didn't care!

This is a good one because of the water!!  Good job Clint!

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