Monday, August 9, 2010

India here we come!!

So, we have been planning to go to India for a while now and we are finally going to make it happen in October.  I thought since the hole Malaysia opportunity came about we weren't going to be able to go, but I have an amazing husband who is going to pull it off (just keep praying about it).
My aunt's (dad's sister) in-law's are missionaries in India and she went over there in '97.  She has a TON of Indian clothes.  She brought them to me on Sunday to try and take with me to India.  Enjoy the fashion show!  Oh and vote for your favorites!!

My aunt said this is more of an American outfit.  Most Indians don't wear this kind.  I really liked it!

This one was nice and airy!  

They look like they are thick material, but they really aren't

No pants with this one and the slit came up pretty high.  Shelley's checking out my legs under there.  She likes it!!

I love the top to this one!!

This one is a little tight in the chest area!

See-through and oh by the way, some of these pants don't stay up.  This one didn't have a draw sting or anything.  I'll def have to get that fixed so I don't moon all of India!

Just so you know I showed these pics to Gary when I got home and he said, "What if all of these are out of date by the time we get there?"  You know what buddy they are true Indian clothes and if I'm in India I want do as the Indians.  Who cares if these are old fashioned!  So there!



Juliane McCorkle said...

I liked the American-ish one...oops! lol...but I also like the 6th one down or the last two. Also, it's cute that you're standing the same way in each picture, lol! Have fun! I'm excited for ya'll!

Kimberly Washer said...

Thanks Juliane!!

nat said...

I liked that polka-dot/Americanish one as well. Although the "Airy one" is pretty good too! They all gave me a chuckle! Please tell me you will be blogging from Malaysia!