Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Drive-In Movie

My mom, Alora, and Adeline came into town the weekend I got back from camp.  They let me have my Friday night and Saturday morning to catch up on sleep and take care of some things I had to do and then Saturday night we were supposed to go to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3 (that would be my 3rd time to see it and 2nd time at the drive-in).  However, it started raining that afternoon and even though it was supposed to clear up by the time the movie would start my mom and I were just not feeling it.  So, we made a little drive in at our house.  My cousin Elizabeth came over and spent the night too.  Mom and I went to Red Box and got a couple of movies (in case we wanted to stay for the double feature ;) ) and some snacks.  We popped popcorn got out all the blankets in the house and mom even "went out for concessions" (the cooler with the drinks was in the back of her car) and got everyone's order.  However, we all decided to have a little fun with the Mac before the movie started.  Here are a few shots for your viewing pleasure!
We are all so vain staring at ourselves instead of the picture taker!


Please notice how the phone makes it's rounds.  The girls were talking to their mom!  Adeline is on it..
 Adeline still on it


Rollercoaster!!  Alora is on it!!  They didn't skip a beat with the pics!

What a fun night with some fun girls!!

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