Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Slammin' Tats!!

Wednesday night, I don't know what happened, but it was like everyone kind of got bored and decided that they were going to start drawing on each other.  Well, really only one or two guys drawing on everybody.  However, we got some slammin' tats out of it!!

Please keep in mind that these were taken in the middle of the night in a completely dark cabin so I have no idea where I am pointing the camera until the flash goes off.  Some of these are a little crazy!

My cute little flower tattoo on my foot!

The snake wrapped around the sword on my forearm.  I think I told Adam I wanted something like on my lower arm to wrist and this is what I got.  All the up to my inside arm pit!  However, it was pretty awesome!!

The bottom of the sword and snake.

Death Before Dishonor is what was in the flag on my wrist!

My Battleship displaying my 'BIG GUNS!'

 Shanon's tank displayin her 'BIG GUNS!'

This was the best of them all...the purple unicorn spitting out a rainbow from his unicorn!!

Thanks ADAM!!!

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Candy said...

haha I love them all. I have to say the "Big guns" was my favorite :) I've always wanted a real tattoo. Lucky for me I'm married to a strict husband who keeps me from doing crazy stuff that I'll regret later.