Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh camp..ahhhh(sigh, not scream)

Sunday afternoon Shanon and I left for camp a little before Brint and Lily because we had great plans to get there, claim our beds, and catch a few winks before the rest of the camp showed up...NOT!!!!  Well, not that the last sentence was a joke, but that we weren't able to because of all of the excitement when we got there.  We didn't stop at the mess hall for social hour, we went straight up to the cabin, found our beds, and COULD NOT sleep because it was SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!  There were a few girls in the cabin already because we had a group from Texas and a group from Florida come in the night before.  However, they were not the problem for lack of nap, but the blasted alabama humidity was!!!
After we got over the fact that our plan didn't work out the week went off without a hitch!  There were about 5 or 6 baptisms and a hunk of restorations.  Here are few pics from the
I didn't realize until after I had taken the picture that my camera was zoomed in, but we both really ended up liking this one!!  This is Deonne!!

The full face.  I actually like the eyes one better!  Much more intimidating!

Some of the Senior Girls!

We're hard core!!

The Junior Varsity on their way to play the Seahorses in volleyball.  They must have not been too intimidating because........WE WON OH YEAH!!!

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