Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It was how big??!!

There is a front porch on the girls cabin that is a haven to some of us.  We have Bible classes out there, we have evening devotionals out there, and we escape from the smoldering heat of the cabin to dress ourselves up for the evening activities.  Not this week of camp!!! 
Let me start from the beginning...well, it actually all started in the bathroom inside the cabin on Sunday afternoon I believe.  Deonne was in the bathroom minding her own business when out of no where a wasp comes swooping in and stings her 4 times on her arm THROUGH her t-shirt!!!!  Then when she tries to defend herself he takes down her finger too.  Then Shanon and I are trying to have Bible class on the front porch on Monday and we are not able to because wasps keep swarming.  Tuesday afternoon Deonne is sitting on the front porch and out pops another orange booger and gets her two times on her neck.  That is a total of 7 stings for Deonne!!!  2 of the summer workers head straight up there to survey they area  and they find...

A wasp nest!!  Oh no, but not just any wasp nest a MONSTER wasp nest.  Here was it's perimeters...5 nests wide and 3 nests deep.  That is the equivelant an ant hill reaching your door knob on the front door!!  Don't worry though we had some macho men come to the rescue!!

Adam really tried to put his mean face on!!

I'm sad I didn't get any of them in action, but just imagine them using the badmitton racket that is over Sean's (the one on the left) shoulder to swat at them and then the cans of wasp spray to get them while their down!!  It was quite the scene!!  

Sorry for the blurriness, but this is ONE of the many nests knocked out.  It was squished open and all those little white things are eggs just waiting to hatch and kill us all.  I officially hate wasps.  What are they good for?  I can't wait to get to heaven and find out why God made some of the things he did!

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